The blackned GmbH is a Systems Integration and Consulting firm located in Memmingen (Germany), which was founded in 2009 by the two managing directors Josef Stadler and Timo Haas.

As a small, privately owned company we provide personalized services that significantly differentiate us from our competitors.
Our team consists of numerous highly qualified IT specialists, who deal with the most up-to-date IT systems and solutions on a daily basis.

At blackned GmbH everything is organized in an agile, modern way – the whole story is very dynamic.

We have three divisions: a dedicated Support Desk to provide customers with first class service based on their SLA – up to 24/7. A Core Team which is our software development team focusing on the further enhancement of our MUP (Mobile Unified Platform) Framework. And finally our IT Team which is tasked with getting customer projects done in time and on budget. With these three business areas we can provide our customers with a full-service package

We are a vendor independent IT consulting firm that tailors our products and solutions to the needs and requirements of our customers. Our success since our foundation and up to today is due in no small part to the very specialized work we perform for our clients. A number of key projects include the development and support of a custom network solution that positively impacted the results of a big international partner, the realization of several IT projects for large firms and also the specialized and much appreciated work we have performed for public sector clients.